Binarium is a fairly popular binary options broker, which is widespread not only in Russia, but also in European countries. This company officially began its work in 2012, becoming one of the leaders. The company has managed to establish trusting relationships with its target audience, relying on conscientious and high-quality work. Now in the Internet space you can find many positive reviews from successful traders who have been cooperating with for a long period of time.

Экспертный обзор (2021) и реальные отзывы -

From this overview, you will learn in detail about the main advantages, services, reviews and the system of the company.

Main types of company accounts

The company prioritizes the convenience of its traders, which manifests itself in the most comfortable service. On the basis of the broker’s platform, you can get professional advice and undergo basic training that gives you a good start for successful work.
Binarium offers clients a wide range of tools that help create a favorable investment climate.

For the convenience of its traders, the company offers the following types of accounts:

  • Base. Starts from 700 rubles, withdrawal of funds to a bank card is possible within 5 days; Premium. The minimum deposit starts from 35,000 rubles. This cost includes such items as consulting a professional trader, quality training and answers to all your questions. Users can withdraw their money in a maximum of 3 days;
  • Business account. The amount of the broker’s deposit is from 140,000 rubles. The main advantage is that personal strategy development is added to all of the above from the premium segment. This significantly affects the work within the framework of this platform;
  • VIP. Here the minimum deposit amount is quite high and starts from 700,000 rubles. You can withdraw your funds after submitting an official request. The package includes training, personal strategy development and a consulting program.
  • All funds earned with the help of “Binarium” can be withdrawn to a bank card or use any of the electronic payment systems, which is also one of the significant advantages of the service and entails a lot of positive feedback from customers.

If your goal is to earn extra money on the Binarium platform, use the affiliate program. Everything is extremely simple: place one of the types of advertising materials that can attract new customers, and get additional cash bonuses for this.

Binarium options types

There are several types of options on the exchange. In order to expand the client’s understanding of each of them, we will dwell on the review of this topic in more detail:

  • Binary. This is a traditional option that is known to almost everyone. In this case, the expiration of the futures contract is calculated in a maximum of one day and leads to 85% profit (it all depends on the selected asset);
  • Couples. The scheme is extremely simple: it is necessary to choose from two assets the one that will significantly increase in price over a certain period of time. This is the most popular type as it requires minimal strategic training;
  • Long term. In this case, the yield does not exceed 75%. Why long term? The expiration period varies from 1 day to 2 weeks, which can more likely be attributed to the average time intervals;
  • 60 seconds. Binarium promises a really big income – up to 90% in a short period, which can be identified by the name of the type. Everything is as fast, easy and accessible as possible;
  • One click. An ideal start for newbies because the workflow is powerful and easy to understand. Guided by a certain strategy and element of luck, it is necessary to determine what mark the asset price can reach within the specified time frame;
  • Borders. This type can be compared with the two previous ones, since an identical scheme is used: the user must calculate whether the price will go beyond its permissible limits for a specified period of time or will remain within their limits.

Binarium allows its clients to develop in different directions, so for those who have just started to master this platform, this will be a huge bonus.

Binarium trading room: why and for whom?

The trading room is a unique offer, because only here you can learn the main secrets, features of work, gain invaluable knowledge on the technical side and consult with traders who have been in this area for many years.

You do not need to pay an additional fee for this service, as it is free and has an unlimited duration.
Using the trading room, the client receives a number of advantages:
detailed graphics in the format of video broadcasts and reviews; display of statistics in real time; professional advice and support of experienced traders.